Friday, May 8, 2009

New Bikes - Love the Ride!

I've been on a few bikes in my days in the saddle...from chromoly to aluminum and I am currently riding a full carbon Rocky Mountain Solo 70 RSL road bike.
From the moment I started riding this bike on the not so smooth roads around Kings County, I could feel the difference a carbon frame made. Smooth like butter....and instant power transfer.
The other bike that I acquired this year I must say was a bike build I've dreamed of for a long time....part by shiny part I assembled a Rocky Mountain Slayer SXC SE. This is a 6" trail bike that can rip with the best of 'em. The way I built it up, it weighed in at 30lbs. Pedals uphill and along trails nicely but once you start pointing downhill is when this bike shines....smooth, fast, and stable. This bike has gained the title of my new favorite bike. I'll have to post pics soon - it really is a work of art!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Winter is finally in full swing! We've had a great start to the winter season despite the r**n and freezing r**n after each and every snowfall.

Winter is a busy time of year at the store, so I enjoy each and every chance I get to enjoy the outdoors. I've been out skiing several times, alpine and telemark, and I've also been out snowshoeing and sliding with my wife and daughter - good times!

This weekend Outdoor Elements is hosting a Ski Demo Day at Poley Mountain in Sussex, New Brunswick. We'll be set up on Sunday, February 1st from 10am - 2pm.
Looks like a great day to hit the slopes, snow yesterday, snow in the forecast for tomorrow and favourable temps for Sunday.
We will have skis for you to try from Head, K2, Salomon, Volkl and Fischer.
Come on out for a great day on the slopes.
See you out there and think snow!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Double Day

Another great weekend to enjoy the outdoors. We did a great classic mountain bike ride this morning, and now we're heading out for a road ride. Will have to post more later after the rides.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

April Showers....

April showers.....ahh yes after a great start to spring with sunshine, warm temps and some good pre-summer biking, the cold April showers have arrived. This bit of wet weather should green things up nicely just in time for May to roll in.
The ski season was exceptional (considering where we live) this year, exceptionally longer than normal and exceptionally consistant snow all winter. Toward the end of March though, you could here the whisperings or dull hollar of IS WINTER EVER GOING TO END???
Most ski hills across the country posted longer than average ski seasons and above average snowfall, so most people even the most avid skiers were ready for spring and summer to roll around. I was fortunate enough to end my ski season at Red Mountain in beautiful British Columbia. My last day on snow this winter was an unreal sunny 20 degree day!
My first bike rides were also in BC this year, 2 great road rides and a mountain bike ride down a trail dubbed "Spring Cleaning" - good times!
Now home, I'm looking forward to a great summer here in NB with biking, hiking, camping and all things outdoors.